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2022 Alumni Reunion Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors







      Individual Sponsors


  • Tom Bradley
  • Ciro Buttacavoli
  • Don & Wendy Denkhaus
  • Bob Henninger
  • Mark Kacer
  • Kristy King
  • Seth Levine
  • Ernie & Jamie Perez
  • Bill Pruitt
  • Scott Sarbey
  • Salo Sredni
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Robert Tache
  • Alex Tellez 
  • David Zinn



  • Denise Dickins
  • Ron Marini   



  • Joel Chrycy
  • Jim Hutchison  



The South Florida reunions are free to all Andersen alumni and are paid for by generous contributions from our alumni and corporate sponsors.  The cost of developing and maintaining this website is also paid for by our alumni and corporate sponsors.  In order for us to continue to host these reunions and this website free of cost, your donations are needed and will be greatly appreciated.  

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